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I write for pleasure, for your pleasure as well as mine. Hardly a day goes by but I have something that I want to share.

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Events in Washington

In January 2021, as troubles broke out in Washington, many of the news reporters commented that this was the first time the US Capitol had been violated since the war of 1812. That war is not not very well known as it is never taught in British schools, and yet it may have lessons forContinue reading “Events in Washington”

A Christmas like no other…

I have always enjoyed Christmas, I had wonderful parents who made it good for us when we were young, and a huge extended family to celebrate with as I grew older. As we all know there is a kind of pattern which repeats every year, featuring big meals, chocolate, wooly jumpers and of course theContinue reading “A Christmas like no other…”

Writers Blog

When I decided to give up the day job and start writing I was offered all sorts of advice about getting on Twitter, using Instagram, and, above all, starting a blog. Now, being the sort of person I am, such advice was completely ignored. I knew what I wanted to do, and that was toContinue reading “Writers Blog”

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